Locals’ Guide to Hiking Highland Bowl

Slogging up the ridge at to the top of Highland Bowl with my teenager in tow made me realize, there’s got to be a better way. Three locals’ share their wisdom. Hiking Highland Bowl at Aspen Highlands is a rite of passage for any diehard skier. It’s a 782-foot bootpack […]

Ski and Snowboard Gear for Hiking Highland Bowl

Hiking the nearly 800-foot bootpack up to the top of Highland Bowl at Aspen Highlands should be on your bucket list. For good reason. The descent will be unforgettable. Power, steeps, views, trees and lots of grins. But it’s not a short or easy hike. It helps if you’re outfitted […]

The Alicorn and the Tulle Skirt

Why making a homemade Halloween costume is a supremely bad idea that will bring your child immense joy. My daughter announced she planned to be an Alicorn for Halloween. Yeah, I didn’t know what that was, either. It’s a magical combination of a Pegasus and a unicorn.  “Pegacorn” makes more […]

First Turns of the Season

Fall is more known for raking leaves and trick-or-treating than setting a metal edge to snow. I say stuff your pockets full of candy corn and sneak away while the kids are at school to make a few turns. I’m never in a rush to get out and ski when […]

Luxe Camping Gear

Sounds like an oxymoron, but there is such a thing as luxury gear for backpacking, from high-tech pillows to whimsical lighting. Why not? My two sons and I just spent a superb three days backpacking in Colorado’s Indian Peaks. Our campground had a lake view and a perfect sawed-off stump […]

Getting Wrecked at Copper Mountain

And I mean “wrecked” in a really good way. When the kids go back to school, our July 4 weekend will be the trip they write about in that obligatory “What I Did this Summer” essay.   In front of us, grey pads the size of lunch trays were suspended […]

Camp Desserts: Beyond S’mores

S’mores are the go-to dessert for most campers. But if you’re ready to try something different, there are tons of easy and scrumptious desserts you can make in the woods. One of our favorites is Bananas Foster in Foil Packets. Traditionally, the dessert is doused in rum and then ignited, […]