Camp Gear on Daybreak

So this morning, I was waiting in the lobby with two shopping carts of camping gear to do a segment on CW2’s Daybreak morning TV show in Denver, and the receptionist asked me to just hold up a minute. They were going to send another guest up first. Just happened to be the Reverend Jesse Jackson. I thought out loud, but out of earshot of the civil rights leader, “But the Reverend doesn’t need to set up a tent in the next 15 minutes…”

Kelty Kitchen Sink

Assisted by my hubby, we did a power set up of a screen house, camp kitchen, camp chairs, sleeping mats and bags, not to mention a a random assortment of gear culled from the The Down & Dirty Guide to Camping with Kids’ checklists. Some of the items were must-haves others were wanna-haves just for fun. If you watched the Daybreak segment and are curious about the products and where to find them, here’s the list:



Lights and Things




Bug Spray





  1. Jessica Smith says:

    Coleman’s extensive line of camping gear will have campers and outdoor enthusiasts prepared for any outdoor excursion.

  2. That sink looks pretty awesome. That’s one of my few complaints about camping is lugging the water and dishes around after each meal. Looks like it would come in pretty handy.

    By the way. The link to the camping sink isn’t working properly.


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